A few years ago, I came to Major, Lindsey & Africa to expand the range of services that it could offer our clients. In the truest sense, I was brought in to be an intrapreneur. Honestly, then, my intrapreneurial skills were a bit rusty.  After having the great privilege of doing creative practice building at my former law firm, I left to lead the legal staffing division of a public company.

What I learned about myself during that time was that I had a passion for helping organizations create new solutions and businesses.  I also learned that I had no passion for leadership roles that gave me limited opportunities to help clients solve problems. Coming to Major, Lindsey & Africa, an organization renowned for its professional excellence, to do what I love to do is one of the best decisions I ever made.

With the release of our Smart-Look Analytics™ Contract Review and Smart-Start Contract Assessment™ service offerings, this felt like the right time to re-release a three-part series I did on the Intrapreneurial Journey.  I have been and am still on that journey. It took some time for me to get my “sea legs” back but, once I did, I felt all the excitement, joy and terror that comes with intrapreneurial endeavors.

The tumblers are turning on the people, process, and technology driving change in our industry at an increasingly accelerated pace. An evolving industry surrounded by disruptive forces creates massive opportunities for people already in the legal space to find space to take their journey either inside or outside of their current company.  I encourage you to take that journey if that is your passion.

The first of three articles in this series will run later this week. Happy reading!