Too many are jumping on recent headlines and saying “phew” we have nothing to worry about. I think this is a dangerous under-statement of reality.

As Mark Cohen points out in his recent Forbes article, lawyers will work alongside “robots” and, as we already know, there are a large number of legal functions that can be replaced by technology. That number will undoubtedly increase. Over time, clients won’t pay for labor if tech can do it better, faster, cheaper – look at almost every other industry. I also envisage more tech input from outside the industry, which is not constrained by protective thinking – and greater “productization”.

If we only look at law through the prism of the legal industry, we fail to apply the progress made in other fields and the implications it will, eventually, have on law also. Change is agnostic. Tech is its advocate. It’s dangerous to stand in its way versus learning how to run with it.