It has been a busy week here at HIGH PERFORMANCE COUNSEL – engaging in dialog with industry participants, on-boarding new clients and rolling out our fresh new look (with some exciting functionality behind the scenes). Our goal remains simple and that is to tell the story of the individuals, organizations and solutions creating the framework of the next ten years in law.

This week we enjoyed engaging with some really fabulous people and organizations out there who definitely “get it”. There are too many to mention everyone individually but these guys deserve a special mention:

  • The leadership team at BLUEPRINT whose risk management focus in litigation consulting is refreshing and timely. We’ll be hearing more from these guys in the coming weeks and I’m looking forward to what they have to share on industry trends, such as analytics.
  • The leadership team at Law Made with whom we ran the first in an exclusive series of articles on what the future of law holds for today’s professionals. Law Made is focused on innovation in legal services specifically and they bring unique insights, experience to the perspective they offer.
  • The leadership team at Legal Sifter whose technical advances in the contract management space are game-changing.  This technical area has needed a catalyst for a while – to push everyone to greater heights – and we observe a well-oiled management team at Legal Sifter that is more than happy to raise the bar for everyone.
  • The leadership team at Clio who continue to drive growth and success while building such a great organization for its team. It’s a compelling case-study in so many aspects – legal technology, global growth, cloud-enablement, and great teamwork. We’ve never yet met an unhappy Clio team member – and that surely says something great about this organization. A special shout-out to Jack Newton – co-founder and CEO – who we interviewed recently on #BakersDozen.
  • The leadership team at Angeion Group who announced key hires and expansion plans this week. Under the thoughtful direction of Steve Weisbrot, they’re a case-study in the benefits of embracing the positive changes that technology offers these days. Indeed, it’s worth noting how they have been such innovators in the class-action space.

We love to help tell the story of great people and great organizations – those that are confident in their leadership and the competitive strength they exude in a world of change. If you think we should be telling your story, drop me a line and let’s chat.

Have a great weekend,