Cherish the things you love about your current job, but be careful about clinging to them. Too often job seekers ask their potential future employers to match and mirror comforts of their current job, which brings up the question: Why are you looking to leave and are you willing to make the sacrifices to do so?

Top 3 Takeaways from Enfuse 2018

  • For the first time in history, cybersecurity is considered as high of a risk as weather is for the world as it pertains to “disasters.”
  • OpenText is “all in” when it comes to e-discovery and security. The marriage of Guidance’s EnCase and Recommind’s Axcellerate are maturing the market positioning for OpenText as a meaningful alternative to other “all-in-one” providers.
  • TRU’s booth at Enfuse 2018 was flocked by people intrigued by our contract staffing capabilities in e-discovery and cybersecurity. Many did not know that the market had matured enough to offer talent-on-demand—but it has!