#BakersDozen is a series of interviews with leading professionals in the fields of law, consulting, finance, tech, and more. 


Tell us a bit about yourself and how you came to be in the legal business?

I grew up in Wisconsin and couldn’t wait to move to the east coast. I went to Mount Holyoke college as a cultural anthropology major and determined to be a newspaper reporter. After a summer of working for a small town weekly doing engagements/obits and being the unknown diner I knew I had to make a different career choice so I went to law school, ultimately getting both my JD and then an LLM in international banking law.

What do you do for a living right now?

I am currently working on marketing and business strategy for a regulatory compliance technology for the hedge fund and asset management community, which is being developed by Bloomberg.

What has been your greatest triumph and your greatest success in the legal services field and what did you learn from each?

Helping to develop a methodology for the valuation and settlement of claims against Lehman for structured notes issued globally which were largely adopted by bankruptcy courts in multiple global jurisdictions was challenging, exciting and rewarding.