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In The Spotlight.. A Conversation with Ian Campbell, CEO/President of iCONECT

High Performance Counsel sat down with Ian Campbell CEO of iCONECT to discuss their innovative response to the rapidly-evolving world in which clients live. He speaks of tackling the modern data challenges that clients face with progressive thinking and constantly-evolving technology.
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On #BakersDozen: The Hon. Mr. Justice Graeme Mew In Interview With High Performance Counsel

On #BakersDozen High Performance Counsel interviews the Honourable Mr Justice Graeme Mew who was appointed to the Ontario Superior Court of Justice in December 2013. He sits on the senior trial court in Canada’s largest province, exercising civil, criminal and family jurisdiction – and also on the boards of the Ontario Superior Court Judges Association and the Sports Dispute Resolution Centre of Canada.

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Are You Ready For The Storm In The Legal Industry? Agility And Flexibility Will Be Essential To Survival – by David Kinnear

2020 will be a watershed year for the legal industry – a turning point toward something far more data-driven and economically different from the past 50 years. The level of displacement and re-engineering of law around data, tech and finance will shock many though it is in fact a wonderful opportunity for those earlier in their careers to truly be part of an exciting future.
Presented by High Performance Counsel (HPC) #hipcounsel

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The Faces of the Modern Legal Industry

The Faces of the Modern Legal Industry

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