HPC Library

When we first launched High Performance Counsel there were many puzzled looks and a few wry smiles. Why, after all, would anyone launch a publication these days? The answer is simple. It is to tell the stories of the next ten years in law as the “legal space” we know today transforms into the “legal industry” of tomorrow. The latter speaks to scale, complexity and the intrinsic role of technology in what lies ahead. It smacks of leadership challenges and opportunities waiting to be addressed. So it is that High Performance Counsel features the individuals, organizations and solutions leading the way – demonstrating leadership, driving innovation and creating a modern framework for the next generation of legal industry professional.

It is a remarkable journey for us all. In the course of the last 18 months or so we’ve been fortunate enough to interview some of the brightest minds in the modern legal industry and we have the great honor of sharing their thoughts here on High Performance Counsel (or, HIPCOUNSEL, as so many know us). And we have such an exciting line-up in ’18 also so what you see is just a starting point for all that will be become available to our readership in the days and months ahead.

Introducing the Library…

For us, it’s a natural next step to create a reference library of this fabulous material – and in doing so, to create a place for future articles and interviews also. We want to make it easy for students and disciples of the modern legal industry to find provocative, helpful insights and guidance – real-life perspective – from peers. We want to make it easy to find material from truly iconic moments in law and also from the myriad of important learning moments that occur in the space regularly. Case-in-point, the response to our publishing of the #Bakers18 was staggering (in a wonderful way) and it highlighted a thirst that exists for knowledge.

So we created the Library. We hope you like it. As the legal industry grows into its new self, this is a place where you’ll find current thought-leadership and helpful insights. You’ll recognize some of the faces – but not all. You’ll like some topics more than others – and that’s just fine. We like to mix things up. No-one has all the answers – nor even all the questions. This is a place to share and be shared. To agree – or disagree – but be better informed and better equipped for the road ahead. Take a moment. That is, a moment to contemplate the vast potential changes ahead and the value in journeying, learning with peers. A journey shared is a journey halved. The fear of change is less daunting when we talk about it – and when we can see examples of how, in fact, it can be rather exciting.

We bring it all together so you don’t have to. Save yourself the time scrapping and searching among a zillion headlines and irritating pay-walls. It’s here. It’s for you. And we’re opening it up in time for the ABA Tech Show in Chicago next week.

Stay tuned.


David Kinnear

CEO & Publisher

New York