Dr. Eric Rudich is a Partner and Senior Litigation Consultant at Blueprint Trial Consulting.  

As a social psychologist, he evaluates how individuals’ emotions, perceptions, and attitudes influence their decision-making in civil and criminal litigation. Dr. Rudich regularly leverages technology to help his clients gain insight into how individuals analyze and ultimately decide his clients’ cases.  Based on this information, he works closely with counsel to develop themes and specific language at trial, advise on visual strategies, create jury profiles and prepare witnesses.   He has been conducting jury research and consulted on matters for almost 20 years and has worked on over 500 cases in venues throughout the United States.  Dr. Rudich has worked on litigation involving intellectual property, insurance defense, product liability, securities, contract, anti-trust, white-collar crime, and environmental issues.

Dr. Rudich has appeared as an invited guest on CourtTV and MSNBC, conducted CLEs, spoken at conferences and published several articles in leading legal journals. Dr. Rudich has a doctorate degree in social psychology from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and has studied jury behavior at Duke Law School.