BlueprintNew York, NY – June 12, 2017 Leading litigation consulting firm, BLUEPRINT TRIAL CONSULTING, announces its offering of jury research and analytics services for evaluating litigation risk.

Speaking to litigation industry analysts in New York, co-founding partner Dr. Eric Rudich commented “The litigation field is highly inefficient.  Litigants typically spend too much money on cases that they should have settled earlier before undergoing an extensive and costly discovery process.  When cases settle, litigants often settle for too much or too little.  Our services help our clients make tough decisions which significantly reduces their litigation spend.”

Observers note that BLUEPRINT TRIAL CONSULTING has been successfully navigating the shifting sands in the litigation consulting industry – responding to changing client needs and expectations around earlier analysis and data-driven decision making. Some analysts note this is part of a broader commercial theme for the legal industry with greater focus on spend and an evaluation of litigation risk.  This is creating a new opportunity for delivering quantitative analysis to in-house attorneys and insurance companies facing “more for less” decisions with litigation budgets.

“We think we’re well-positioned for the direction the industry is taking. We don’t shy away from tough questions.  Our clients now know they have a strong basis on which to make litigation-related decisions, including the ultimate decision of whether to settle or proceed to trial. There’s a groundswell in the legal industry for making data-driven decisions so our approach is designed to help clients be most efficient and best-equipped with limited budget resources,” notes Rudich.


About Blueprint Trial Consulting
Blueprint Trial Consulting is a leading litigation consulting and risk management firm.  We created Blueprint Trial Consulting to provide litigators with the information necessary to make critical litigation decisions.  Our firm offers jury research and consulting, graphics consulting and production, and trial presentation services to the legal community.  To manage litigation risk, we utilize our research and analytics to assist litigants with determining whether they should settle or proceed to trial.  Through our combination of research, analytics, experience, and creativity, we offer the insight necessary to build successful litigation strategies.

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