Occasionally I’m asked why I did it – that is, launch HIGH PERFORMANCE COUNSEL (HPC). I could say it’s a bit like Everest – it’s there and it needs climbing. All humor aside, I launched HPC because I’ve lived and worked through at least four big “lift and shift” industry chapters in my career so far and law is trending to be one of the most interesting (if not, the most exciting). In every case, notwithstanding the naysayers who suggest “nothing much will come of it”, a new industry emerges – typically better equipped and more customer-focused than its predecessor. And in each case, there is an identifiable voice of those who bring it into being – those open to learning, growing and competing together – to build something better.

As such, with so much change in the air – and with such vast potential for exciting evolution of the legal sector – there needs to be a voice of the industry that is emerging. We need a place where the best and brightest can share their experience, their perspective – their leadership. This is HIGH PERFORMANCE COUNSEL.

HPC is a place where leading individuals and organizations can shed the light of their experience on where and how the industry can navigate and benefit from change. Already, we have heard from some of the sharpest minds on the tough frontline of technology development and adoption in the sector. We’ve shared deeply-experienced leadership insights from highly-respected general counsel – who speak to the human element and the responsibility of leadership during periods of change. We’ve engaged in areas of significant legal spend and where the stakes are often highest, such as litigation, litigation consulting and litigation funding. And we’re increasingly looking at the efficiencies and savings that can be driven through modern Legal Ops and updated pricing analytics. And so, so much more.

There is a growing sense of opportunity in the sector – only rivalled by a sense of foreboding for many. This is of course inevitable. Those who bring change must be prepared to understand those for whom the change has consequences – and those in the path of change must learn to adapt. There are few if any who will escape changes in the sector over the next decade.

It’s no accident that we run so many “faces” on HPC. They reflect authenticity, experience, perpsective – and ultimately, individual and corporate leadership. In an industry embarked on such a substantial journey of change, we’re proud to share the journey with such fine individuals and organizations. We hope you find benefit also.