This is the third in a series of posts titled, What They Don’t Teach You in Law School About Dealing With Legal Recruiters: A Must Read for Law Firm Associates by David SarnoffEsq.

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How To Evaluate Career Opportunities With A Recruiter

It is not always easy to get an objective ear when evaluating a career opportunity and you want to avoid the “pressure sell.” Obviously, a recruiter has a financial interest in a candidate accepting an offer from a client of the recruiter. However, a good recruiter will be open and honest with substantive pros and cons of the position so that the candidate is making an informed decision. It is not good practice for a recruiter to tell a candidate that he would be “committing career suicide” if he did not take a job offer. This type of conduct should raise a serious red flag. The proper practice is to present the candidate with all the facts a recruiter knows about a particular firm, company or fund, as well about the culture and people in the group. It is appropriate for the recruiter to voice an opinion about whether it is the right move, but ultimately it is up to the candidate to determine if it is the right fit.

A professional recruiter will provide both honest and accurate information, and clear-eyed assessments during a search. Additionally, the recruiter will create a targeted and focused process to achieve the goals set out by the candidate. Prior to interviews, the recruiter should be able to tell the candidate who he/she is meeting with, their bios and what questions to anticipate and how to handle difficult questions. The recruiter should not just tell the candidate to show up at a certain date and time. Preparation is crucial.

David B. Sarnoff, Esq. is a legal recruiter and Principal of his search firm, Sarnoff Group LLC. He has over eighteen (18) years of experience as a recruiter and career counselor. He has placed attorneys into law firms, companies and hedge funds at different experience levels, practice areas and in many cities. Feel free to contact David for a confidential conversation at 646.665.4899 or David also practiced at a New York law firm in the areas of complex commercial litigation and white collar defense. He is a member of the Board of Education in Fort Lee, NJ and currently serves as the Board President.