I’m sitting at my desk with a staggering view of the blustery fountains at the Bellagio beneath me this week. I’m here for CLOC and I have the strongest hunch that we are witnessing a significant happening. What happens here this week will resonate and reverberate around the legal industry. Why? Because its moment has come. The “CLOC” has struck, as it were.

David Kinnear


This week the fabulous leadership of CLOC have assembled one of the finest groups of individuals and thought-leadership in the modern legal space. It’s not the biggest event by volume i.e. by comparison with some events – but, in my view, it’s focused on the right stuff.

I say this as someone who has lived and worked through at least three chapters of industry-wide change in IT, HR and what came to be known as BPO. What we observed in those prior chapters of our collective “better, faster, cheaper” journey was a tipping point – where the enthusiasm of individuals fused with the availability of genuinely enabling technology. Beyond dreams of better, there was a moment at which it was possible to do better – and things became better.

There were tipping points at which people and organizations became more communicative, more organized and more conscious of what could and would be achieved. Leader packs form – those with the vision and strength to take on the headwinds, firm in the conviction of being right and having the confidence to succeed.

Being early is always hard. Not everyone likes change and not everyone wants to hear about it. It takes vision and it calls upon colleagues to collaborate and help one another – more than to compete at times – if a shared vision of a different, stronger, better industry is to be realized. Getting to better requires us to be open and vulnerable to what does and doesn’t work. And getting to best demands a level of communication about experience and perspective that some may find uncomfortable. But communicate we must and if we do, we will see an awakening in law that is bigger than some may dare to dream.

I’m here to listen. I’m here to participate. I’m here because something very significant is underway and it’s great to be part of it. Well done to Connie, Mary and the team on bringing this all together. Your industry leadership will be spoken of for many years to come.

If you’re here for CLOC this week, please stop me and say hi – and follow our updates online or via @HIPCounsel and @HPCLegalNEWS


David Kinnear