Laura Maechtlen – Partner at Seyfarth Shaw LLP


1. Tell us a bit about yourself and how you came to be in (or a customer of) the legal business?

My first career was in music — violin performance.  During my junior year of college, I began researching next steps in my educational journey and realized that auditions for a masters or PhD in music would be ridiculously competitive, and that my career path in music would remain that way.  I was pursuing a double degree in Political Science and had great fun at various internships through the Political Science Department — most of which involved the law (they included work with the ACLU and the CO State Legislature).  I realized that I was inspired by the work done by lawyers at those organizations — I saw lawyers changing people’s lives.   I decided to go to law school because it was less competitive than music school and/or pursuing a career in performance.  Lawyers always laugh when I say that; after all, in many lawyers minds, who could be more competitive than law students?   However, anyone who has pursued classical music as a professional career would agree.

2. What do you do for a living right now?

I am a Partner at Seyfarth Shaw LLP.   At the Firm, I am privileged to serve my colleagues as Seyfarth’s Chair of the Labor and Employment Department and Co-Chair of the Diversity & Inclusion Action Team.

3. What has been your greatest triumph and your greatest success in the legal services field and what did you learn from each?

I struggled with this one.  Securing a job at Seyfarth is likely my greatest success – it has allowed a platform to accomplish many other things –  legal wins, leadership roles, and the ability to impact our profession.