I’m often asked what the future of law looks like – especially by parents of kids thinking about the industry or already wrapping up college and contemplating their career.

In the next several weeks, we’ll run some articles on this by our friends and colleagues at Law Made in Toronto. How much change should we all expect? Is law a career to avoid for a while? How prevalent will tech be in the legal industry – and is that where the jobs are going to be?

These – and more – are important questions to address. To contemplate a lifelong career with a blindfold on makes no sense. It never made sense but it makes less sense today than ever before in the legal sector. To know what’s coming allows you to plan for it and embrace the change – not get left behind by it.

We may not have a crystal ball we can gaze into to tell the future – but all of us can learn from some of the brightest minds in legal innovation.

The future? It starts here.