As lawyers, we need to exude confidence to attract and keep clients, conquer opponents and persuade judges and jurors.  But how do we develop and express confidence?  Especially for those of us who are introverted?  There a few things you can do right now that demonstrate confidence.

Start with your body language.  A few changes to your body language will drastically increase your confidence.  Stand tall.  Shoulders out.  Keep and maintain eye contact.  Use firm handshakes.  Take up space with your body by taking up more space with your arms and legs, spreading them out when appropriate.  Use your hands and arms more and use larger gestures when speaking, such as spreading your arms.  These mannerisms exude confidence.

Focus on your speech.  Speak more slowly and deliberately.  Project your voice.  Avoid fillers, like “ums” and “likes.”  Focus on cadence and diction.  Listen to famous speakers  – politicians, preachers, especially motivational speakers – and study their speech patterns and emulate those that best suit you.

Study humor.    Watch and read funny, humorous and satirical shows, movies, books and articles.  Being funny, expressing humor, making others laugh is a huge confidence builder and attracts others’ attention and goodwill.

Dress for success.  Make a good first impression by dressing professionally.  Find clothes that fit you well, irrespective of your height and body type and always take the extra time to ensure you look as good as you can.

Eat right and exercise.  A proper diet and exercise helps you feel and look better and you can’t help but project that in your interactions with others.

So much of confidence is in our mind, and projecting our inner self out onto others.  If you can create the look and appearance of confidence, you can reverse engineer confidence from the outside in.  Project confidence and you will convince others and yourself that you are in indeed confident.