Prospect is innovative functionality allowing people for the first time to combine their networks with others while keeping contact information such as emails and phone numbers private.  Within access to more contacts, there are more relationships to engage for prospecting resulting in increased sales.

With the latest release of Prospect, Envoy CEO stated “We are very excited by the advances we have made during the past month.  For the first time, organizations can tap into valuable employee relationships around the world.”

Delivering increased business value and fueling competitive advantage, Envoy is a leading-edge technology platform that unlocks Relationship Capital across organizations to enable, improve and extend sales and marketing.

Relationship Capital is the sum of the employee networks across an organization (personal and professional), as well as the networks of strategic partners and vendors.

Utilising the latest advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, Envoy combines contact data from across employees’ collective networks and transforms it into actionable Relationship Capital.

Discover new channels for business success, including new markets, new paths to sales opportunities, quality leads and key stakeholders, increased deal flow, win rates and revenue – all within minutes

Use Case for Law Firms – Breaking Down Account Silos

Typically, a partner assigned to an account focuses primarily on that account.  Having worked in the same industry for 20 years, he or she has built up many relationships that extend beyond this current account.

These relationships sit idle and are not visible to other account teams.

For example, you are the partner for American Express, but you also have relationships at Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank and HSBC.

With Envoy, you can run a Prospect Report for a specific industry, including everyone across key accounts.

Within seconds, you will have an overview of all relationships available to you that can be engage.

Getting Started

Within minutes, hundreds of users can be on-boarded.  After uploading contacts, valuable insights are produced via Prospect within seconds.

Using Envoy’s relationship capital calculator, you can determine the potential benefit for your organization in terms of access to new relationships.


Ralph Schonenbach