At HIGH PERFORMANCE COUNSEL, we speak to the issues framing the next decade in law. We identify the emergence of an industry unlike that which has gone before by reason of its digital focus and dependencies. We touch on some of the toughest issues – not simply the easy ones. So it is that from the outset we have covered Cybersecurity. Cybersecurity has come at many industry participants from far left field – at times, with devastating consequences. We view it as an issue of immense proportion for the legal industry and the clients that it serves. We consider it a subject that merits special and ongoing attention.

Chuck Brooks and his renowned CyberAvenger Cybersecurity expert colleagues, Paul Ferrillo, Kenneth Holley, George Platsis, George Thomas, Shawn Tuma and Christophe Veltsos are a beacon of reason, experience, practical help – and hope – for so many who now face the challenges of Cybersecurity. Their first volume of this book is an easy yet invaluable read for countless professionals seeking to familiarize with the subject area of Cybersecurity – and what can be done about the challenges we face.

In the same way that we at HIGH PERFORMANCE COUNSEL bring together helpful thought-leadership to shed light on the path of the modern legal industry, Chuck and his colleagues have done this for the present state of Cybersecurity. For this, they are to be highly commended.

It is with great pleasure that we help share this publication with you.

David T. Kinnear
Chief Executive Officer
New York

October 17, 2017


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