A Webinar on October 17, 2019 at 10 (est)

Join some of the biggest names in #cybersecurity, #privacy and corporate #communications, crisis management in a discussion of the issues in light of recent news headlines.

Paul Ferrillo

About Paul

Paul Ferrillo focuses his practice on cybersecurity corporate governance issues, complex…

Richard Levick

About Richard

Richard Levick, Esq. is Chairman & CEO of LEVICK, representing countries and companies in the highest-stakes global communications matters…

Kate Fazzini

About Kate

Kate Fazzini covers cybersecurity for CNBC. She is the author of the forthcoming book Kingdom of Lies: Unnerving Adventures in the World of Cybercrime…

David Kinnear

About David

David brings a unique and timely perspective on the role of data, automation and artificial intelligence in the modern and efficient delivery of services for legal consumers…

“As we race from case to case, and from big cyber breaches, to even bigger cyber breaches, what are we learning?  What makes the difference between a “small crisis” and a potentially “catastrophic, entity threatening” cyber crisis. We look at this issue from all angles, press and public opinion, crisis communications and legal, delving into the biggest cases ever to find what we think is the key — good governance, good planning and great crisis managment.”