As the CLOC ’17 Institute wraps up here in Vegas today, many will reflect for years to come on how this was a turning point in people’s estimation of what this group is – and what it can do. Aside vision and energy, there are clear paths of execution emerging – with CLOC acting as group catalyst and champion of a groundswell in activity. Session presentations were excellent. The place was packed with high quality, fully-engaged attendees. The attendee list itself is a shout out to the seriousness with which so many major organizations and their legal advisers, solution providers are taking this.

It takes a village, yes. It will take many participants and contributions to help this part of the industry achieve its extraordinary potential. It will take a lot of work conveying some of this to a still-reticent, conservative profession. But history is brimming with precedent that what we see here is a permanent inflection to a very different way of thinking and operating. In the rearview mirror, we see the speed and scale at which IT, HR, BPO, KPO and F&A finally clicked into gear – and industries changed dramatically as a result. New solutions emerged, new technologies emerged – and the leaderboard formed. The world changed.

This is happening. You couldn’t mistake the sense of momentum in the air and in the conversation around the halls of the Bellagio this week. The sense of opportunity and conviction drowning out even the twinkling slot machines on the floor.

Great to be here. Great to be part of this next chapter and such an energized community embracing change for the better.