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Matthew Weaver, Executive Director of MLA’s Interim Legal Talent Group In Interview With High Performance Counsel

Matthew Weaver, Executive Director of MLA’s Interim Legal Talent Group.
MLA is the global leader in legal search and staffing. MLA’s goal is to be the go-to, the first call, when an attorney is thinking of making a career change or an organization is seeking to hire an attorney.

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Mplace: Don’t Under-Estimate #Millennials: 5 Timely Tips to Win Over the Next Generation #Legal Workforce

The millennial generation represents a significant opportunity – or difficulty – for those organizations in and servicing the law and legal services sector. The key to success is understanding the drivers influencing this generation and having a clear strategy for engaging it successfully. Caleb King, a co-Founder of Mplace, unpacks the issues and speaks truth to the role of technology in harnessing this talented generation.

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Successful CEO and now B2B startup Founder of Envoy, Ralph Schonenbach tackles #FearlessLaw. On his most satisfying feeling as a leader in both consulting and now in tech? “When everyone in the organization is excited about the vision of the firm – this is extremely rewarding. Taking big risks to follow a dream and getting positive feedback from the market is exhilarating.” You can read his further thoughts here.

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The Faces of the Modern Legal Industry

The Faces of the Modern Legal Industry

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