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Cybersecurity: A Quick Summary of Recent Trends & Developments That Businesses and Law Firms Should Know

According to market research firm Gartner, global spending on information security is expected to reach nearly $87 billion in 2017 — an increase of around 7 per cent over 2016 – and is expected to top $113 billion by 2020. In this helpful article, our Cybersecurity Expert Contributor Chuck Brooks highlights a few items every law firm and business should know.

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Rising Tides And Higher Stakes. Cybersecurity Thought-Leader Chuck Brooks In Interview

While the tide of opportunity is rising for cybersecurity advisers and solutions, the risks for organizations such as law firms have never been higher either. What are the new Cybersecurity stakes. What are the vulnerabilities and risks? We live in world of algorithms; x’s and o’s. Our digital world is ripe for access and compromise by those who want do harm from just a laptop and server.

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Chuck Brooks, Featured HPC Contributor – Adviser to LinkedIn as Cybersecurity and Emerging Technology Subject Matter Expert

Chuck’s thought leadership writings on cybersecurity and emerging tech have helped shape the public policy debate as he is respected in industry, in the Federal Government, academia, and on Capitol Hill. He has been a force in discussing, advocating, promoting cybersecurity issues across digital media, at events, in professional forums, and with a variety of public policy organizations.

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#CyberSecurity: Recent Attacks Demonstrate The Urgent Need For C-Suite Cybersecurity Expertise

On BULLET POINTS we feature a guest post by HPC Contributor on Cybersecurity, Chuck Brooks. This week the mainstream headlines have been brimming with news of cyber attacks impacting society and industry at every level. The legal industry could not escape the headlines and was dragged onto the front page – not as adviser but instead as victim. One of the largest, highest profile law firms in the world was snared by a broad-based cyber attack with severe consequences for day-to-day operations. Those who have questioned the relevance of cyber in the legal industry must surely now be coming around to the reality that no-one and nothing is exempt from attack. Only the right strategy, technology, awareness and people training may stand between attack and devastating consequences. Chuck knows what he’s talking about. We commend reading his article.

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Interview of Chuck Brooks, Judge of GSN Homeland Security Awards, on Key Homeland Security, Cybersecurity, and Technology Issues for 2017

Cybersecurity is moving mainstream rapidly. As corporate and government clients address it, the expectation grows that their professional or technical service providers will step up also. This represents an interesting challenge – and opportunity – for the legal industry. In this interview, our expert analyst and contributor Chuck Brooks looks at the road ahead.

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Much like the Legal Sector, Healthcare cybersecurity is in a state of transformation. As medical care becomes more networked and interconnected via computers and devices, the digital landscape of health administrators, hospitals, and patients, has become increasingly vulnerable. HIGH PERFORMANCE CONTRIBUTOR Chuck Brooks tackles the issues.

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