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Transparency, Predictability and Control: A Conversation with Chris Kraft of Mitratech on the Release of TeamConnect Essentials

We sat down to speak with Chris Kraft of Mitratech on the release of TeamConnect Essentials in the Legal Ops arena. The real take-away here is the control clients can achieve quickly and efficiently. What you measure, you can manage. What you manage, you can improve. This sentiment seems resolutely on point for TeamConnect Essentials. One to watch in the coming days.

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On #BakersBest 4X4 Edition – Top Legal Industry Leaders Speak: Mary Mack, Jennifer Silverman, Debbie Reynolds & Rashda Rana

At High Performance Counsel, we pride ourselves on asking the right questions – which are typically also the tough questions. So any of these four questions taken from our infamous #BakersDozen interview is arguably an essay in its own right. Welcome to the second issue of #BakersBest – four of the best in the legal industry answering four tough, timely questions. We hope you like it.

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The Faces of the Modern Legal Industry

The Faces of the Modern Legal Industry

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