It proved to be quite a week – and it went by quickly. After a whirlwind trip to Vegas for the amazing CLOC last week, this week was a trip to DC to peer into the rapidly-growing world of Cybersecurity, hosted at Georgetown. A couple of quick observations since it is a Friday and it’s almost the weekend:

  • Cybersecurity is no longer just for nerds. The causes and implications of cyber attacks are many and varied. The consequences for businesses can be devastating. It was interesting to see who was represented at the Georgetown Summit and, equally, who was not. What was clear is just how seriously clients take it. This should serve to inform the Cybersecurity efforts on the provider side – the issue is not going away. For lawyers, it’s also a fabulous business opportunity. We’re delighted to have Chuck Brooks as a Contributor on this topic and I encourage you to read what he has to say.
  • The #BakersDozen is so popular we’re taking it to video. A lot of folks seem to like the #BakersDozen format we’ve used for interviewing key individuals in the legal sector – unearthing perspective and experience from which we can all benefit. Well, since we’re being asked for it, we’re going to take the format for a spin via video. If that grabs your interest, drop me a line.
  • The HPC Legal WIRE™ is catching on.  A few folks were surprised by how simple and disruptive it is. It’s one of those things you might not think about until, well, you think about it. But when you have news, product releases, webinars and you need people to know about it, well, it’s very useful. In fact, there’s nothing else like it in the legal industry. Related, from the get-go, we wanted to make it valuable for all participants – so aside being less expensive, we wanted to price it to be accessible to everyone. I encourage you to try it out.
  • LegalTech. There really is some great stuff in the pipeline. In between breaking news and over-analysis of political meanderings, we found time to talk with a few founders. These are the calculated risk-takers who see what others don’t and will do what others won’t to make it happen. These are folks who are walking in the footsteps of Ford in building cars, not simply training faster horses. It’s a tough proposition and there’s a lot of sacrifice involved – more than meets the eye. I’m here to say that we’re seeing some great tech in – and gearing up for – the legal marketplace. And nothing is more fun than helping to tell these stories. Stay tuned. 

We have some really great content lined up for next week, including a #BakersDozen with one of the greatest success stories in #legaltech, to date.

For now, have a great weekend.