One of the great pleasures of HIGH PERFORMANCE COUNSEL for me is to routinely meet and speak with some of the most brilliant, inspiring people in and around the legal industry. Top of their game, they’re CEOs, Founders, General Counsel, Corporate Counsel, Partners, Business Heads and Champions of Industry. Some are quiet and unassuming; others are larger-than-life. Some are well-known and others less so. Some are lawyers; some are clients of the industry. Some are at the very cutting-edge of technology and thinking that is shaping the modern delivery of legal services.

Each is unique – as is their experience and the perspective they bring to this changing industry. If I had a time-machine (if only) I would be curious to see what Henry Ford’s friends and family made of him – some worried perhaps at the less traditional path he took. Maybe others caught his vision and lived to see what he created. The implications of Ford’s thinking resonated far beyond just the car – he set in motion vast ramifications for individual liberty and freedom of movement. It was more akin to what the iPhone did beyond telecoms. What will law’s equivalent be?

These are individuals who excel at what they do, who lead industries forward – and test the boundaries of what is possible. Indeed, they sometimes challenge the very framework of our thinking – and this is how breakthroughs happen. I hope you may find the experience and perspective of these individuals worth a read – and I hope you enjoy the content as much as we enjoyed pulling it together for you. Consider the following for your train ride this evening:

At HIGH PERFORMANCE COUNSEL, we’re all about the next 10 years. We’re highlighting the individuals, organizations and solutions that are creating the framework on which – and around which – the legal industry will be built going forward. Few would deny that we’re in for a lot of change though many debate how quickly. If you think we should be telling your story, do drop a line.

Happy reading..

David Kinnear