#BakersDozen is a series of interviews with leading professionals in the fields of law, consulting, finance, tech, and more.


Tell us a bit about yourself and how you came to be in (or a customer of) the legal business?

I fell into a law firm HR role in 1998 after meeting a partner at a fundraiser for a campaign I was working on in Texas. He encouraged me to call him if I needed a job when the campaign was over. So I did.

What do you do for a living right now?

I am the Founder and President of an Executive Search Firm that specializes in placing business services professionals into law firms.

What has been your greatest triumph and your greatest success in the legal services field and what did you learn from each?

A triumph for our company has been to win pitches against larger, name brand search firms – more than once! A success for us has been that we have become an ear for our clients and contacts about their important decisions whether it’s how to shape the growth of their departments for the evolving future or as individuals what they can do to be at the cutting edge and highly marketable.

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