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I see the proliferation of legal operations as a sign that legal departments are more integrated parts of business, as opposed to the oddballs they used to be. I also see it as a way for lawyers to become true business professionals who just happen to understand law well — we will no longer be limited to “just” legal work! Consequently, it’s also a way for attorneys to have more rewarding legal careers, where they can spend more time on what matters and provide strategic, impactful advice.

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On #LegalLeadership: Nancy May Speaks Of “Hunting” Diversity

Nancy May, CEO of the BoardBench Companies, is a leading authority on Boardroom candidacy and governance. In this article, she invites us to take a look at how you can go about finding “diverse directors.” Keep in mind that, if you don’t know what you value, setting clear objectives and finding practical solutions will always make the process much harder.

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The Faces of the Modern Legal Industry

The Faces of the Modern Legal Industry

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