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High Performance Counsel Joins Global Legal Hackathon as Media Partner

High Performance Counsel (HPC) will become a Media Partner of the Global Legal Hackathon and provide feature coverage of the winning contestants. New York, NY – (February 16, 2018) – HIGH PERFORMANCE COUNSEL™ today announced its decision to support the Global Legal Hackathon and to provide feature coverage of the winning contestants. The Global Legal Hackathon is a new initiative designed to harness legal innovation globally. The event will encompass activities in 40 cities across 20 countries. “We are delighted that High Performance Counsel is supporting us in this way,” said Aileen Schultz, co-founder of the Global Legal Hackathon. “We...

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On #BakersDozen, we interview one of the legal industry’s gifted leaders, Jennifer Johnson. The legal industry is in good hands knowing that inspiring professionals like Jennifer are at the helm. To identify the uniquely powerful role of people and the criticality of great leadership in a rush-around, tech-fueled world takes genius. To make it happen every day takes excellence.

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By: Carol E. Crawford, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, Managing Director, Calibrate Legal The global economy is moving at record-breaking speed. The intersection of consumer choice, innovation, generational shifts and technology has created a ripple effect that has only just begun to impact businesses and their workplaces.  As our economy continues to rebound and the unemployment rate falls to less than half what it was in 2010, hiring and retaining the right employees are becoming an even greater challenge.  Law firms and other organizations are struggling to fill open positions, with some positions remaining vacant for six months or more, causing losses...

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On #Cybersecurity: Addressing The Cyberthreat To Law Firms – Expert Chuck Brooks Interviews Jon Loew, CEO Of AppGuard

The legal industry faces significant challenges in embracing the issue of Cybersecurity – and in responding to the growing Cybersecurity threat. It is also a top-of-mind issue for a growing number of clients who turn to their legal advisers for strategic direction. Here, HPC Cybersecurity Expert Contributor Chuck Brooks interviews the CEO of AppGuard, Jon Loew.

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High Performance Counsel Presents Its Inaugural #Bakers18 In Association With ACEDS

2018 will be a landmark year in the legal industry so we assembled a crack team, the best of the best, the creme de la creme – the #Bakers18 – to share their thoughts on how this year plays out. It’s a bit like Ocean’s Eleven. Only much, much better. Happy new year from all of us at High Performance Counsel.

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What Managers Need to Know By David B. Sarnoff, Esq. In almost every industry and profession, artificial intelligence (“AI”), robotics and other technological advances are being incorporated into daily work life.  While it is important for managers to develop and maintain an aptitude and understanding of technology, it is equally important for managers to possess strong “soft skills.”  Soft skills are essential abilities that enable managers to lead effectively, including, by developing collaborative and coordinated teams. Soft skills include self-awareness, empathy, curiosity, and humility.  These attributes enable effective managers to solve complex problems among staff, encourage teamwork, apply constructive...

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On #BakersDozen: Raymond Blijd In Interview with High Performance Counsel

When I speak with Raymond, I know the future of law will indeed prove exciting – just not the way some people think. With some of the freshest perspective in the industry, here he tackles the infamous #BakersDozen and his responses are well worth noting. Like Ford in his day, the answer lies in looking beyond what is comfortable to identify what is next.

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On #BakersDozen: Rashda Rana SC (QC) – Leading Barrister, Mediator and International Arbitrator

On #BakersDozen: Rashda Rana SC (QC) – Leading Barrister, Mediator and International Arbitrator. A reluctant lawyer, Rashda has proven to be one of the very best – demonstrating professional excellence and a passion for advocacy on the critical issues of equality and unconscious bias. #BakersDozen is an exclusive series of interviews with top professionals in the legal, finance and consulting sectors – presented by High Performance Counsel.

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Cyber Monday: Information Security – Top Industry Experts Discuss Threats And Challenges

About Paul Ferrillo: Paul Ferrillo is counsel in Weil’s Litigation Department, where he focuses on complex securities and business litigation, and internal investigations. He also is part of Weil’s Cybersecurity, Data Privacy & Information Management practice, where he focuses primarily on cybersecurity corporate governance issues, and assists clients with governance, disclosure, and regulatory matters relating to their cybersecurity postures and the regulatory requirements which govern them. Mr. Ferrillo regularly counsels clients on cyber-governance best practices (using as a base the NIST cybersecurity framework), third-party vendor due diligence issues, cybersecurity regulatory compliance issues for private equity, hedge funds, and financial institutions...

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