Author: David Willink

#LondonCalling: The Rule Of Law – What Are We Fighting For?

“No-one remembers who came in second.” So said Walter Hagen, or perhaps Charles M Shultz. Maybe this isn’t always quite so true in the courtroom as on the sports field. After all, the US Supreme Court has a distinguished tradition of dissenting opinions – pungent, saddened, witty, progressive, principled – which has both illuminated and driven the law.  We read with admiration the dissents of Justices from Curtis and Harlan, through Holmes and Brandeis to Stevens, amongst others.  (I’ll leave any assessment of the contribution of Justice Scalia to others with the benefit of far greater knowledge than me.) Not...

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#LondonCalling Part 3 – The Civil Justice System of the Future

MOVES & APPOINTMENTS Nancy May: Directorship – Handling the Risks in Serving  I continue to smile at the unbridled enthusiasm […] In the final part of this article, I want to took in a little more detail at some of the potential issues that the proposed Online Court may raise for litigants and legal professionals. But first, the quotation I left you with at the end of part 2. “Leaving aside clarification of the law, the ultimate success of the civil courts would be fully achieved if, like the nuclear deterrent, they never had to be used at all.”...

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