On HPC BULLET POINTS: Along with a big uptick in inquiries around legal tech and legal ops, we’re also seeing increased interested in risk management and risk avoidance for law. This shouldn’t be very surprising but the growth in client-side demand for more and better information is noteworthy. Law is clearly now “on radar” with CEOs, CFOs, CLOs – and shareholders. It’s reasonable for them to expect that new data sources and modern technology can be used not only to cut costs but also to support decision-making more effectively.

Figure analytics, data analysis, error extraction via process automation & improvements – and so much more. It speaks to a growing audience in the sector that is thinking a lot – and asking big questions, in particular, how can we do this better.

David Kinnear

David Kinnear
Founder & CEO

It’s a theme we’ll be developing further here on HIGH PERFORMANCE COUNSEL. Not just more of the same for less. Instead, we think there’s appetite for far more and far better – for less. Those who can think beyond the most obvious feedback to define future needs and innovations, the world is theirs for the taking. Like Ford seeing cars, not horses. Law, like so many other industries, faces significant pressures to do more with less. But it also faces growing demands to define better, quote better, stay on budget better – and help clients use legal data to make decisions with financial risk implications. The pressure for better is not going away.

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