Please share your thoughts on the certification training, how long it took you to prepare for the exam, thoughts on the exam and how it has benefitted you- both the knowledge gained from training and certification and being part of the ACEDS community as a whole. (Whole experience).

This is a vast subject oriented real time certification and needs some good amount of practical knowledge. I started preparing from Webinars provided on ACEDS site and the documentation. However, after taking the sample quiz from site, I realized I need to expand my preparation! So, I reached out to people on LinkedIn who cleared this exam just to know their experience and learn from their mistakes. Like all said, do not underestimate this exam and also the large pool of knowledge we acquire after completing this.

I studied for a month two hours each and surfed internet to learn from major E-Discovery cases. This helped me a lot as I was from a technical background.

Overall, it was a great learning experience and people from ACEDS community helped answer my queries immediately and especially after I cleared this Cert I got a lot of recognition and appreciation.

Why did you decide to get certified? Do you have any other certifications?

Yes, I am an RRS and RCA certified professional (Relativity Review Specialist and Relativity Certified Administrator from Kcura). I believe, certifications challenge you in various regions of any subject and you try to gain knowledge and expand your horizon to fetch answers for questions.

In fact, to share my experience, I was moved to a Review support team at a client location (Germany) while I worked only in an offshore non-client “Process and Host” team for 3 long years. But due to detailed procedural knowledge gained from the RRS certification I was able to quickly adapt and work in that team.

Certifications give a strong hold on the subject and builds confidence to handle any situation relating it.

Please share your background of eDiscovery experience:

I started my career in Process and Host Team at Deloitte – Hyd (Offices of US). I worked with processing tools such as Venio, eCapture and Nuix. We largely used Relativity for Hosting direct data and Migration data. Then I was moved to Computer Forensics team for 6 months where I worked with tools such as Encase, FTK and repair tools.

I was then presented with an opportunity to work at client location (Germany) for one of the worlds largest automobile manufacturer but the challenge was to work in Review support team which directly handles and supports the reviewers (I had no experience in this field). However, my knowledge from testing and RRS certification helped me to quickly start assisting. I worked in this team for around 7 months and then I was moved to PM team back in my offshore office (Deloitte -US India). This was the point when I realized I want to be an SME in E-Discovery industry. This is such a fast-changing sector that surprises you any time with any type of task. And CEDS was the perfect for my goal.

Now, I am working in KPMG (Global offices at Bangalore) as an Executive.

Would you recommend our CEDS training/certification to other?

Yes, I cannot stress on how much I gained knowledge from this certification. This is a total package that will help any candidate to understand the real scenarios and act practically for any eDiscovery case. Aspiring resources for an SME or a consultant or anyone who wants to perform excellently in this field should appear for this Cert. This credential will largely help you to stand out in a pool of eDiscovery resources and build your position strong.

Advice to others looking to take the exam?

This is a comparatively new certification in the market which tests you not on a specific tool but on all aspects of electronic discovery. Any, candidate may find it little challenging to gain more insights on the preparation and pattern of exam. But, the ACEDS blogs and site should be a good start to gain knowledge. I connected many CEDS on LinkedIn from worldwide who shared their experiences and helped me to learn from their mistakes. I would strongly recommend to first go through the documentation provided by ACEDS but do not only depend on it; Each topic gives an overview on processes and you may surf eDiscovery sites and gain deeper insights to answer the questions.

Any other thoughts to share?

Minimum eDiscovery industry experience would help the wide area this Cert covers and I would suggest to go through the real eDiscovery court cases and the judgment that have been passed in famous cases online. This helped me to answer the cross-region and unexpected questions. I would strongly recommend people to attempt this cert!