Month: October 2017

MPlace: Don’t Under-Estimate #Millennials. 5 Timely Tips to Win Over the Next Generation #Legal Workforce

The millennial generation represents a significant opportunity – or difficulty – for those organizations in and servicing the law and legal services sector. The key to success is understanding the drivers influencing this generation and having a clear strategy for engaging it successfully. Caleb King, a co-Founder of Mplace, unpacks the issues and speaks truth to the role of technology in harnessing this talented generation.

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Legal Innovation. Are You Ready to Play Musical Chairs?

A thought or two on what’s starting to happen in the marketplace – by David Kinnear Legal innovation is upon us. And it’s not going away. This has serious, permanent implications for the legal sector and those working in it. A year or so ago I spoke with a senior partner of a major law firm about their strategy on legal technology adoption – the response was interesting and very telling: “We don’t want to the first but, I can tell you, we won’t be third.” More recently, I fell into conversation with two General Counsel of major corporations....

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