Month: October 2017

MPlace: Don’t Under-Estimate #Millennials. 5 Timely Tips to Win Over the Next Generation #Legal Workforce

The millennial generation represents a significant opportunity – or difficulty – for those organizations in and servicing the law and legal services sector. The key to success is understanding the drivers influencing this generation and having a clear strategy for engaging it successfully. Caleb King, a co-Founder of Mplace, unpacks the issues and speaks truth to the role of technology in harnessing this talented generation.

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Legal Innovation. Are You Ready to Play Musical Chairs?

A thought or two on what’s starting to happen in the marketplace – by David Kinnear Legal innovation is upon us. And it’s not going away. This has serious, permanent implications for the legal sector and those working in it. A year or so ago I spoke with a senior partner of a major law firm about their strategy on legal technology adoption – the response was interesting and very telling: “We don’t want to the first but, I can tell you, we won’t be third.” More recently, I fell into conversation with two General Counsel of major corporations....

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Lessons In Leadership: Jessica Lockett of RICOH In Interview For #BakersDozen

A globally-aware, razor-sharp lawyer focused on bringing the very best eDisovery experience to the table for clients, Jessica Lockett speaks to the opportunity for innovation today and more to come in this field. With a keen eye on efficiency, she prides herself in honesty and being the kind of services partner that clients can rely on with confidence.

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