Month: September 2017

Laura Maechtlen – Partner at Seyfarth Shaw LLP – In Interview For The #BakersDozen

Laura Maechtlen – Partner at Seyfarth Shaw LLP 1. Tell us a bit about yourself and how you came to be in (or a customer of) the legal business? My first career was in music — violin performance.  During my junior year of college, I began researching next steps in my educational journey and realized that auditions for a masters or PhD in music would be ridiculously competitive, and that my career path in music would remain that way.  I was pursuing a double degree in Political Science and had great fun at various internships through the Political Science...

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Everyone Has A Plan Until They Get Punched In The Face.

We live in interesting times. Over the last few years I’ve spoken with many folks involved in the legal sector – some speak of excitement and many speak of dread. Change is all around and most confess to being pulled along by the current versus surfing the wave. Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face. The point is, are you ready for change? My best advice to lawyers – starting out and later in life – is don’t get left behind. I’m often asked by parents whether their kids should study to become lawyers or...

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Expert Legal Insights: Efficient Document Reviews Help Argue Costs by Jessica Lockett of RICOH

Legal expert and HPC Contributor Jessica Lockett of RICOH takes a closer look at the Ernst & Young Inc. v. Essar Global Fund Ltd et al, 2017 ONSC 4017 (CanLII) Ontario Superior Court decision regarding the recovery of eDiscovery document review costs within the context of a bankruptcy proceeding under the Companies’ Creditors Arrangement Act (CCAA). While on the surface it may look like the Court attempted to liken apples to oranges by comparing the dissimilar outsourced review costs borne by each of the Applicant (“Algoma”) and the Defendant (the “Essar Defendants”), this is not the case.

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HPC Expert Commentary: Can You Hear Me Now? The Future Of Law In Our Pockets

It’s September 12 and what you don’t already know about the new iPhone, you’re probably going to find out today. The ’phone in your pocket represents the empowerment of a generation and every future generation – the ability to self-serve, self-select, self-support. This is hugely relevant in the context of engaging people who are qualified and who want to be found for legal services work these days. The task of finding and mobilizing qualified legal talent shouldn’t be complicated. I repeat “shouldn’t”. In future, it won’t be thanks to truly disruptive tech like Mplace. And that’s the point.

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The Latest Legal Delivery Collaboration: LISA and Billy – They’re Robots

Mark A. Cohen is  both a Forbes and HPC Contributor. A widely-recognized and respected industry observer, he is also a valued member of the HPC Advisory Board. This post was originally published on The ‘hook-up’ of LISA and Billy Bot, legal robots, was announced last week. Many in the corporate realm will view their linkage as a publicity stunt and more artificial intelligence hype, but the implications of this technological collaboration are profound. Not only is it the first pairing of two artificial intelligence (AI) solutions in the legal delivery eco-system, but it also signifies the next stage of harnessing technology to deliver...

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Tom Trujillo – Sr. Legal Industry Adviser & Former COO at Bank of America’s Legal Department in Interview for the #BakersDozen

Tom speaks with refreshing authenticity from a rich well of experience in the legal industry. His voice speaks clearly to both the challenges and opportunities ahead for lawyers and the industry we embrace. As we congratulate him on his new appointment as Deputy General Counsel & COO with Wells Fargo’s Law Department, we invite you to share in what he has to say about the road ahead.

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