Month: March 2017

More Tea, Vicar? Times Change But Technology Changes Faster. Ready?

“More tea, vicar? “Any moment now…” “Just a moment…” “Nearly there…” The sorts of things we say to fill the awkward silences. Law is going to get seriously funky over the coming years. A wild ride. It’s going to get awkward to just “get by”. If your technology portfolio isn’t ready – or your team isn’t ready to roll with technology – well, that’s like trying to watch a buffering movie. It’s, well, #awkward. There was a palpable chill around the legal industry as the dust settled on the news that a major bank has invested in legal technology...

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On #LegalLeadership: Nancy May Speaks Of “Hunting” Diversity

Nancy May, CEO of the BoardBench Companies, is a leading authority on Boardroom candidacy and governance. In this article, she invites us to take a look at how you can go about finding “diverse directors.” Keep in mind that, if you don’t know what you value, setting clear objectives and finding practical solutions will always make the process much harder.

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