Month: February 2017

#LegalMosaic: How to Become an Innovative Lawyer

Mark Cohen: Legal Insights and Industry Commentary Our #LegalMosaic Series collects insights from the brilliant mind of Mark Cohen. These pieces may also be found at There is no single path to becoming an innovative lawyer. Every lawyer has a unique set of personality traits, skill sets, passions, and priorities. Successful lawyers draw from their personalities and exposure, fusing it with legal expertise. Innovative lawyers understand that legal expertise is only one facet of legal delivery. They devise and deliver legal services from new models that combine legal acumen with advanced technology and management skills. The goal is to provide...

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My Way Or The Highway Is Over For Legal Sector As Tech, Data, Finance Future Blossoms.

My way or the highway. We’ve all heard this phrase and there’s a curious correlation to how so many businesses operate – that is, until they come to an inflection point. May I suggest that legal services is coming upon its own inflection point – and this is where the path divides – to the past or to the future. Note: Follow this and other interviews, articles about the legal industry here on High Performance Counsel. We feature the leaders of tomorrow’s industry – the individuals, organizations and solutions that are creating the technical and professional framework around which...

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Kinnear: A Decade Of Change In Law Getting Underway

The legal industry is embarked upon a decade of truly unprecedented change. Contrary to popular belief, it’s only just beginning. The level of disruption we will see – driven by a combination of data, finance and a shift in consumer perception – will be substantial. Best advice? Don’t get left behind. Sound and visionary leadership – in all its many aspects – will be critical. High Performance Counsel provides a sounding board – for the many voices and perspectives that comprise the industry both now and in our collective future. It also serves as a leader-board – bringing into...

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